Safe for men and machine.

Safety goes beyond a quality mark or certificate. We look objectively at the functioning of people and the system.
We design a safe working environment that also meets the applicable government requirements and legislation.

Safety as part of you organisation..

For us, safety goes far beyond a quality mark or certificate. A safe working environment and a safe installation make work easier and benefit the production process.


Safety is first priority!

The safety of your employees, the processes and the company is our way of life. For us, it is not a checkbox that has to be ticked off at the very end of a process, but an essential part of our advice.

That is precisely why we can think along in advance about the necessary certificates, standards and tests to be performed. We already take this into account when designing a system. This is nice because it is clear in advance what costs certification will entail. If applicable, we can also advise you on a strategic level.


Safety check

However, sometimes a process has already started and the designs are already ready. Even then we can think along about the necessary safety requirements. We never lose sight of your business goals and actively think along about possible solutions.


The applicable certification

We can support and advise you in carrying out:

  • EVD (explosion safety review)
  • Writing new protocols
  • moderate installations to new requirements
Arthur Kinnegen

Arthur Kinnegen

Process Design Professional & Consultant


Erwin Nomden

Erwin Nomden

Consultant Plant Design & Engineering



  • Combined ECNN has more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • ECNN delivers quality, with anticipation of the wishes of the clients, the business operations, the daily use and maintenance of their systems.
  • ECNN is flexible and agile, thanks to our short lines of communication and strong cooperation we can be called in at any time.
  • ECNN is independent, we often assist where necessary, or we are the controlling party between the contractor and the client.

Looking for advice on industrial safety?

We are specialized in issues related to safety, industrial processes and maintenance.
From advice till implementation, from boardroom to the shop floor. Our specialists in solutions are happy to advise you.