Making industrial processes more sustainable is a process in itself

The industry in general is under great pressure to become more sustainable. Innovative solutions play a major role in this.
We advise on these innovations and can guide you in their implementation.

Sustainability as part of your strategy

Unfortunately, the industry does not have a good reputation when it comes to sustainability. High time to improve this. We work on wonderful projects and attractive processes to make existing processes more and more sustainable. For example, the waste of one producer is a raw material for another. We are happy to advise you on all possibilities.


Making existing processes more sustainable

The difficult thing is often to change existing processes. A lot of specialist knowhow is required to adjust an installation. After all, if the raw materials change, the process changes with it. Our specialists take a broad look at your company and can advise you on possible innovations.

We are also specialized in delivering complete advisory reports. Your business goals are always kept in mind and we include the safety, sustainability and maintenance of the installations as fixed values in our research.

We can think along with you like no other about the necessary changes in existing systems. If desired, we can also advise you on a strategic level.


New sustainable processes

We can also advise you on the possibilities for setting up a new production process. Wherever there is chemistry or industry, there are processes. Many of these processes are now being developed sustainably. This means that we include environmental requirements, reusability and scalability in our advice.

Based on the advice, a design process for a new installation can be initiated. Of course we also take care of the maintenance, the certification of your personnel and the safety requirements that the installation must meet.

Arthur Kinnegen

Arthur Kinnegen

Process Design Professional & Consultant


Erwin Nomden

Erwin Nomden

Plant Design & Project Engineering



  • Combined ECNN has more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • ECNN delivers quality, with anticipation of the wishes of the clients, the business operations, the daily use and maintenance of their systems.
  • ECNN is flexible and agile, thanks to our short lines of communication and strong cooperation we can be called in at any time.
  • ECNN is independent, we often assist where necessary, or we are the controlling party between the contractor and the client.

Looking for advice on making processes more sustainable?

We are specialized in issues related to safety, industrial processes and maintenance.
From advice till implementation, from boardroom to the shop floor. Our specialists in solutions are happy to advise you.