Innovative engineering from design to maintainability

Our engineers optimize processes, engineer new plant
and actively contribute to innovations within your company


From concept to an design that is technically realizable Our designers will collaborate with you strategy and innovative.



An well thought out piping plan is essential for efficient transport of materials within plants and factories. The right materials for the right purpose.


A well thought out production process is capable, manageable and maintainable. As process engineers we oversee the bigger picture.

Best designed process is capable and cost efficient.

As engineers we know the importance of a good process design for creating a successful production. A well thought out process keeps in account every ascpect of specializations and innovations, while keeping the business goals in tact.


Designing from practice

When the design is hard to realize or when it is not future proof. Or when the maintenance costs from the plant are sky-high, it can become a serious risc for a company.

That’s why we do not engineer from behind our desk, we do go into the field to see for ourself what trouble lies within the existing processes. We explore the possibility what the changes are for inovation, to find often that a few simple changes to the proces can be benefitial for production and lead to lowering of the maintenance cost.

When we design completly new systems, we often do this with the future cost in mind, what innovation lie ahead in the future and keeping the production scaleable.


Industrial plants and processes design, testing and deliver

Every change can be in our care, from design to implantation in to a plant. We work intensive with several partners with whom we can delivere our designed process.

The advantage we have is that we always be in the lead, making it possible to keep track of particular design parameters and making sure the efficiency of the process is maintained. It would be a shame if a wrong way of design and installation would be the cause of higher maintenance cost.

Through our expertise we keeping the overview and with that the goals you want to achieve.

Arthur Kinnegen

Arthur Kinnegen

Process Design Professional & Consultant


Erwin Nomden

Erwin Nomden

Piping Engineer & Consultant



  • Combined ECNN has more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • ECNN delivers quality, with anticipation of the wishes of the clients, the business operations, the daily use and maintenance of their systems.
  • ECNN is flexible and agile, thanks to our short lines of communication and strong cooperation we can be called in at any time.
  • ECNN is independent, we often assist where necessary, or we are the controlling party between the contractor and the client.

Looking to inoovate your productionprocess?

We are specialized in issues related to safety, industrial processes and maintenance.
From advice till implementation, from boardroom to the shop floor. Our specialists in solutions are happy to advise you.