Maintenance as a strategy: periodic, clear and completely according to plan

Our maintenance engineers not only do their work, but also actively contribute ideas to the maintenance strategy.
executable, cost effective and according to instructions.


Trouble Shooting

Problems clearly identified and reported.


Maintenance plan

A detailed plan, easy to work with by your staff and good control by management.


A well-written manual with the up to date P&ID’s can avoid safety issues and a lot of confusion.


Good machine availability depends on expert use. The right training helps.


The right training and certificates for your staff allows them to work safe with new installations.

Maintenance as strategy, from design up to realization and usage.

One of the main reasons for replacing or updating an installation are unacceptable maintenance costs. Often maintenance is seen as unwanted expenses and downtime. After all, production must go on, at the lowest possible cost. However, with a good maintenance strategy and plan, a lot of no maintenance costs can be saved.


Tailored maintenance strategy and plan during green and brownfield engineering.

Thinking about maintenance of an installation should starts at design. At the design phase of the capital investment project maintenance execution and the costs of maintenance can be heavily influenced. Our maintenance specialist can help you during design of your capital project to meet the business goals for total cost of ownership. This by making the optimal design choices in materials, layout, and accessibility of sensitive parts.

This allows us to simplify maintenance for existing systems and to provide a clear overview of the expected maintenance with a customized maintenance plan for new systems. This makes it easier to estimate maintenance costs in advance and can therefore become part of quarterly plans, for example.


Maintenance in everyday practice

In addition to making a beautiful design and associated maintenance plan, practice is often unruly. It appears that there is not enough or not the right material in stock, manuals are missing or staff do not know how and when to solve problems.

To deal with these problems, we supply clear manuals and we can provide your staff with the right training and certification. Naturally, we look at this company-wide with you, so that you do not run the risk that your staff will be over- or under-qualified and ultimately the installations will not receive the maintenance that is necessary.

Thanks to our broad expertise, we keep overview of the total picture and therefore also of your business goals.

Johan Slagter

Johan Slagter

Maintenance Engineer & Consultant


Arthur Kinnegen

Arthur Kinnegen

Process Design Professional & Consultant


Erwin Nomden

Erwin Nomden

Plant Design & Project Engineering



  • Combined ECNN has more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • ECNN delivers quality, with keeping clients expectations in mind, business processes, the daily usability and maintenance of the systems.
  • ECNN is flexible and agile, thanks to our short communication lines and strong cooperation with the customer. So we can jump in at any time in your problems.
  • ECNN is independent, we often assist where necessary. But we can also act on behalf of the customer towards contractors

Looking for maintenance management as it should be?

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