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Below is an small overview of some of the projects we were fortunate to work on.
Unfortunatly we are not able to show a complete overview of our projects, courious about what we can do more other than shown here?

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Unfortunatly we are not able to share all of our projects, but are you courious about what we can do more? Please feel free to contact us!!

Johan Slagter

Johan Slagter

Maintenance Engineer & Consultant


Arthur Kinnegen

Arthur Kinnegen

Industrial Process Consultant

Arthur Kinnegen[a]

Erwin Nomden

Erwin Nomden

Plant Design & Project Engineering



  • Combined ECNN has more than 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • ECNN delivers quality, with anticipation of the wishes of the clients, the business operations, the daily use and maintenance of their systems.
  • ECNN is flexible and agile, thanks to our short lines of communication and strong cooperation we can be called in at any time.
  • ECNN is independent, we often assist where necessary, or we are the controlling party between the contractor and the client.

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We are specialized in issues related to safety, industrial processes and maintenance.
From advice till implementation, from boardroom to the shop floor. Our specialists in solutions are happy to advise you.